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Play a MUTEMATH song with Roy & Darren

Participants of TRIAD MUSIC CONFERENCE may audition to sit in with Roy and/or Darren, playing either of the two MUTEMATH songs of 1) “Typical” or 2) “Spotlight”.

Follow the link below to see some of the auditions already posted. You can also vote on the McAllen Musicademy’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/McAllen-TX/McAllens-Music-School/126077310773407

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Aaron Beaumont Confirmed

Triad just confirmed Aaron Beaumont to be our 2010 Piano Master Class teacher. A genre-blending synthesis of 20s ragtime and melodic songcraft reminiscent of the Beatles, along with nods to Tom Waits, Ben Folds, and Elliott Smith, Aaron delivers a piano-centered aesthetic that is at once daring and refreshing. The young troubadour completed degrees in Economics, Spanish, and Literature before concluding that the world did not need A) a well-read bilingual economist; B) an economically savvy Spanish novelist; nor C) yet another singer-songwriter. And he’s none of the above. Indeed, Aaron’s lush, timeless songs are anything but typical singer-songwriter fare.

A crowd favorite at the Hotel Cafe, Aaron’s musical pedigree ranges from performing piano concertos with an orchestra to playing trumpet in a jazz quartet to touring the U.S. and Europe in a rock band. And that was just the first 20 years. The next 20 are even more promising.

Read more about Aaron in this review: http://thelemurblog.blogspot.com/2008/11/aaron-beaumont.html

Darren King Confirmed

We’re super-excited to announce that Darren King, drummer for grammy nominated rock band Mute Math, has confirmed his place at Triad 2010. Darren will be teaching a Drum Master Class, and joining Roy Mitchell-Cardenas in a Rhythm Clinic.

Darren King (born June 25, 1982) is the drummer for the band Mutemath. He also played drums for the band Earthsuit for a short time. King is well known for intense drum beats that showcase a vast amount of energy. In concert he is often seen with his trademark headgear: a pair of headphones duct-taped to his head for foldback. Mutemath’s second album Armistice was released August 18, 2009 and ranked #2 on iTunes.

Click here to read an interview with Darren on Humdrum

And here’s some awesome video of Darren killing a drum solo for Mute Math.

Roy Mitchell-Cardenas to teach Bass Master Class

We’re excited to announce that Triad 2010 will feature Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, bass player for Mute Math, who will be teaching a Bass Master Class and Rhythm Clinic. Roy is a McAllen, Texas native, and an accomplished teacher in his own right. Roy has taught bass lessons from the road via video and private sessions, and works as a producer / mentor to many artists and bands.

Mitchell-Cárdenas moved to New Orleans, Louisiana when he was eighteen to attend Loyola University New Orleans, where he studiedmusic, philosophy, and classics. His keen interest in jazz flourished in its birthplace, and on a break from school in 1997, he acquired his first upright bass in Reynosa, Mexico. Mitchell-Cárdenas met Paul Meany and Adam LaClave in New Orleans and later joined their group Earthsuit in 1998 after a semester of study at University of North Texas, where he studied bass with John Adams. After 4 years of touring with Earthsuit, the band beginning to break up, Roy left the music business and moved back to McAllen to complete his degree.

While completing his undergraduate work in English at The University of Texas-Pan American (UTPA) (2002–2004), Mitchell-Cárdenas played in various jazz, latin jazz, funk, and salsa ensembles. He also reunited with a David “Meshach” Jackson, a long-time friend from Baton Rouge, whose album he would produce and co-write in later (Meshach Jackson – Experiments(in)Drowning(ep) – 2006). It was at UTPA that Roy began writing short stories, and compiling material for his first novel. He is currently searching for a way to publish his books. Many of his stories have been posted on his blog. After receiving his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in English, Roy attended St. Thomas University (Florida) School of Law in Miami; however, he decided to quit in order to take a chance at success with Mutemath.

In response to the redundant questions on bass playing Mitchell-Cárdenas got on the road with Mutemath, he started a free video blog for short bass lessons. These lessons cover technique, tricks, tips, and theory ranging from funk, jazz, latin, and rock playing.

Check out more info, thoughts, and lessons on Roy’s blog: http://roymitchellcardenas.blogspot.com/

Here’s a great interview with Roy in Bass Player magazine: http://www.bassplayer.com/article/mute-maths-roy/mar-08/33761

And of course, there’s this adoring video: